Our latest koi contest!

Send us your koi photos and you could win a new koi outfit! 

Here at koi, we love everything koi. We love koi paintings, koi drawings, koi figurines, koi kites, koi t-shirts, koi tattoos, koi toys, koi books, koi wood carvings and , of course, real living and breathing koi fish. So if you’re out and about and come across anything related to koi fish, snap a photo of it and email it to us. Besides being eternally grateful, we’ll put it on our website. Plus, everyone who sends us a koi photo will be entered in a drawing to win a new koi outfit from our latest collection before it hits the stores. Email your photos to shiningstar@koihappiness.com for your chance to win. Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number and garment sizes with your entry. 

Deadline for contest entries is June 30, 2009. koi fish pond Here’s a pond full of colorful koi we came across.koi mouse Here’s a cool koi computer mouse we found in Europe and a Murano glass koi from Venice, Italy.