Summer’s Officially Here!

It’s official, summer’s here. Time to hit the beach, get outdoors, pack for your vacation or just relax next to a pool with a good summer read. You might want to hit a county fair or two. Grilled corn on the cob sounds great right about now.

It’s also an ideal time to check out the summer styles at your local koi retailer. Perfect for the season are our new Mia tops. These playful surf-inspired tops will put you in a summer frame of mind. Check them out today!

Mia Group shot 

Back row: Mia Top Blossom (Aqua) (135PR-BLA), Mia Top Twiggy (Navy) (135PR-TWB) and Mia Top Blossom (Pink) (135PR-BLP). Front: Mia Top Twiggy (Cocoa) (135PR-TWC).