6 days left to send in your koi photos for a chance to win!

Send in your photos of anything koi-related and you could win a free koi scrub set! If you come across a koi pond, a koi kite, a koi painting or anything else koi-related, snap a picture of it with your camera or cellphone and email it, along with your scrub size, to shiningstar@koihappiness.com by June 30, 2009. We’ll post it to our blog and enter you in our drawing to win a free koi scrub set. But hurry, you’ve only got a few days left to enter!

koi ride

 Above: Going for a koi ride at Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy, CA.

koi pond entry

Above: A Japanese koi pond, submitted by koi fan Temika G. of Killeen, TX.

 Backyard koi pond

Above: A beautiful shot of a backyard koi pond, submitted by Dena O. of Wichita, KS.