Beware of unauthorized Zoe tops

 Zoe Closeup

We wanted to warn our customers that there are unauthorized, rejected Zoe tops currently being sold by dealers and individuals who are NOT authorized koi retailers. This shipment of Zoe tops did not pass our quality control and was rejected by koi for excessive shrinkage. Unfortunately, many of these tops have illegally entered the marketplace through unauthorized channels.  These tops have koi labels, hang tags and polybags. But they are in no way authorized by koi and are inferior goods. These unauthorized tops can be identified by the production number 1471, which is printed on a small paper label directly behind the satin care label on the lower left side seam of the top. If you come across Zoe tops at a suspiciously low price through sellers who are not authorized koi retailers, or being sold on eBay or other discount websites, beware that these may not be genuine koi products. At koi, we are 100% committed to the quality of our products. If a shipment does not meet our rigorous standards for quality, workmanship, color or shrinkage, we reject it. To ensure the highest standards of quality, please purchase koi products only through authorized koi retailers.