Travels with Kathy Peterson, part three

Earlier this year, koi designer Kathy Peterson and the koi team journeyed to Asia. The third destination was China. Here are some of Kathy’s thoughts on the China portion of the trip:

China is always an interesting place to visit. I always amazed by the speed in which they put up buildings especially in Shanghai. The skyscrapers are pretty spectacular. It is always gruelling going to China because it means visiting factories for sourcing and production. The factories are always a few hours outside of the city and it means 14+ hour days. We usually find our novelty fabrics and trimmings here. 

I visited one of our factories on this trip while they were on production with our Fall styles. I was really happy with what I saw. The quality looked good and I was impressed with the workers and condition of the factory. As a company we are very particular about the factories we use. It is a constant challenge to find factories in China that have good working condition, quality workmanship and are stable and reliable. In the my Asia trip video, you will get a glimpse of my factory visit. On the way to the factory I stopped at a restaurant and saw an orange fish in a fish bowl. I always take it as a good omen for a successful trip.

See some video highlights of Kathy’s trip below.