koi’s Visit to Parkway Scrubs

koi designer and founder Kathy Peterson and the koi team just got back from previewing the new Spring 2010 Collection at Parkway Scrubs in Huntsville, Alabama. Here are some of Kathy’s thoughts on the trip:

John and Cynthia hosted a great koi event at their Parkway scrubs store. If you haven’t seen their store it is a destination. It is a beautiful store with hardwood floors and a great showcase for our line. They were the very first store to get our new spring line.  

Parkway Event 

This is a photo of Emry. She is a RN. She came to the koi event with her family. Kim, our VP of Sales, and I were excited to meet her. It was the first time we got to see our new spring styles on customers. Her family was so nice and patient. Kim and i used this opportunity to have her try on all our new styles. She is so cute she looks good in everything. She purchased a number of items including our newest styles Bella, Reese, and Layla.

 Parkway Event 2

From left to right : Alisha, James, and Janice.

Alisha and Janice are great customers of Parkway and koi. They are both RNs at a nearby hospital. We had a great time with them. They were so much fun. I am so proud of my product development team. They work so hard to make sure we have the best fitting and most flattering clothes. It was great seeing their hard work pay off on live people.

Kathy and the koi team had a wonderful time at the event. Parkway Scrubs is located at 2006 S. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL 35801. You can see our new Spring Collection at their store. You can also pick up items from our Spring Collection at the Parkway Scrubs website at www.parkwayscrubs.com.