koi’s Visit to Uniforms Hawaii

hula girl

A big “Mahalo” to everyone who joined us for koi day at Uniforms Hawaii in Honolulu yesterday. koi founder and designer Kathy Peterson was there and had a great time meeting and chatting with koi customers. Kathy grew up in Hawaii and always loves going back to visit. The event exceeded everyone’s expectations and Kathy particularly loved getting feedback from customers firsthand. We want to thank all the customers and staff at Uniforms Hawaii for making us feel so welcome. Thanks, Nora and Lynette!

koi shoppers

From left to right: A big shout out to Cathy, Jody, Nicole, Brenda and Joanne from Queens Medical Center. We had a great time meeting you all!


Kathy Peterson and Juvy, a loyal customer who made the trek from the other side of the island to join us for koi day.

kathy and uniforms hawaii team

From left to right, Uniforms Hawaii owner Lynette, Kathy Peterson, and Uniforms Hawaii buyer, Nora. Mahalo, Lynette and Nora, for making us feel so welcome!

Kathy and Nicole

Kathy Peterson with koi customer Nicole, who is looking great in one of our new Tori tops for Spring!