Nicole’s “Lucky” Top

Customers often ask us how they can obtain koi styles and prints that aren’t available at their local koi retailer. The first thing you should do is to ask your retailer if they can place a special order for you. Most will be happy to do so.

But what if you want to replace a favorite koi top that’s sold out or no longer in production? Sometimes it takes persistence. But sometimes you just get “lucky.”

Koi fan Nicole P. of Long Beach, CA wrote in to tell us how one unlucky day at work her black permanent marker top came off and ruined the koi Kathryn Lucky top that she loved so much. When she tried to purchase a replacement online, she found out the top was sold out except for a size 2X and she wore a small.

When Kim in our sales department got wind of Nicole’s dilemma, she went to see if our see if our product development team had any extra fabric in that style to make another top. But since it was a style from a past season, the odds weren’t good. She also went to see if our production team could cut down a 2x and make it a small. Sometimes, it’s possible if you have the right trim fabric. But that was no guarantee either.

Miraculously, our product development team managed to find an early production sample of the Kathryn Lucky top. Best of all, it was in Nicole’s exact size. Nicole was thrilled. And so was everyone on our team. (After all, we’re suckers for happy endings.)

So if you can’t find the koi style you’re looking for, don’t give up hope. Be persistent and ask around. You could get “lucky” like Nicole.

Nicole’s lucky top

Above: koi fan Nicole wearing her Kathryn Lucky top.