Congratulations to our first koi bride!

Recently, we received a letter from Jennie B., an RN from Seattle who is a big fan of koi. She’s been a bedside hospital nurse for 43 years and told us how koi was her absolute favorite. She definitely had us blushing with her kind words. (Thank you, Jennie, for your sweet letter!) We were even more touched when she mentioned that she wore her white koi Lindsey pants and her koi Demi top for her wedding last year. Now whenever she wears that outfit to work, her co-workers call it her “wedding gown.” Congratulations to Jennie, our first koi bride. You rock! And we wish you a lifetime of koihappiness!  Plus, we’d like to send a big shout out to your co-workers and fellow “koi kids” at Highline Medical Center in Burien, Washington. We love you all!

koi wedding

Above: Jennie getting married in her koi “wedding gown”.