Kathy Peterson’s “Healthier, Happier You” June Update!

As many of you koi faithful know, koi founder and designer Kathy Peterson is an active participant in koi’s year-long “Healthier, Happier You” weight-loss campaign.

Here’s Kathy’s monthly “Healthier, Happier You” update for June 2010:

“It has been about a month since I joined a new gym. I love this new gym. The classes are really challenging. I took a bootcamp class last week that left me sore for 4 days. The amazing part of this class was that most of the students were older and they all did a great job of keeping up. I was the one struggling to finish:) This just shows you that age is a state of mine.

I haven’t lost much weight but I am happy to report my stomach is getting flatter and I see the promise of a 6 pack forming.

Keep on working toward your goals. Lasting results take time to achieve.”

—Kathy Peterson

To the contestants who are participating in the “Healthier, Happier You” Contest, keep at it and stay committed to your goals. It may be tough at times, especially when you’re not seeing as much progress as you’d like, but it’s worth making the effort because you’re worth it.

If you haven’t submitted your June weight and measurements, please turn in your updates by June 10th to shiningstar@koihappiness.com. Thanks!