Spotlight on Haiti Relief Efforts

We’d like to acknowledge the good work done by Northwest Disaster Relief and Development and New Life Foursquare Church, which recently sent a medical team to Haiti to provide medical care and disaster relief to those in need. This was their second trip to Haiti. While there, the team stayed at an orphanage and worked at several clinics and hospitals.

We truly admire the sacrifice and selflessness of these committed medical professionals and we were happy to donate some scrubs to help their cause. Thanks to Robyn Lang, RN, a member of the medical team, who provided updates and photos of their mission in Haiti.

While the disaster relief efforts no longer dominate the headlines, there is still great need and much rebuilding to do in Haiti. We encourage all our friends to continue to do what you can to help the relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

Note: koi is still offering a free pair of Karlie pants to those who make a tax-deductable donation of $30 or more to the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Haiti. It’s for a great cause so we’d love it if you’d take us up on this offer. For details, go to

Haiti mission photo 1 

Above: Robin Lang, RN and one of the volunteers of this medical mission, with a child the team helped rehydrate at a Haitian clinic.

Haiti mission photo 2 

Above: The team of medical professionals who went to Haiti on a mission sponsored by Northwest Disaster Relief and Development and New Life Foursquare Church.