A shoe that’s good enough to eat!

Special thanks to David and Marsha at Smart Scrubs who sent us this amazing cake in the shape of a koi shoe.

shoe cake

In case  you’re wondering,  yes, we are coming out with our own koi shoes! See below for a sneak peek of our shoes that will arrive in stores in January 2011.

Sophie shoe group

David was a great sport. He visited our offices last month when my team threw me a surprise 40th birthday party. (Thanks, team, for embarrassing me.) It was an amazing event and I am incredibly grateful to the wonderful crew of people I am surrounded by.

I wasn’t overjoyed to turn 40, but I have to admit that I have so much more to contribute to the world today than when I was 30. I am more confident and comfortable with who I am. So if that’s what getting older means, we should all embrace it.

I would live to hear from you. What does or did turning 40 mean to you?

Special thanks to the crew of United Airlines at JFK airport for allowing me on the plane during the tornado weather in NYC so I could make it home for my birthday.

—Kathy Peterson