Kathy Peterson’s “Healthier, Happier You” December Update!

We’re down to the final month in koi’s “Healthier, Happier You” Contest. One of our dedicated contestants will be chosen to win a $500 koi wardrobe at the end of the contest. As many of you know, koi’s founder and designer Kathy Peterson is an active participant in the “Healthier, Happier You” program.

Here is Kathy Peterson’s latest personal update:

 “I have to admit I was afraid to weigh myself this week, especially after Thanksgiving, but I’ve been working out really hard and watching my calories. I weighed in at 123 lb. so I’ve lost about 10 lb. I have 13 more to go. The great part is that my BMI is now in the normal range and my clothes fit much better. It will be very challenging to lose the extra 13 lb. by the end of the year, but I’m going to keep trying. I want to congratulate my fellow contestants for making it this far. Let’s make a big push to work toward our goals in this final month.”

—Kathy Peterson

To the contestants who are participating in the “Healthier, Happier You” Contest, if you haven’t submitted your December weight and measurements, please turn in your updates by December 10th to shiningstar@koihappiness.com. Thanks!