Kathy Peterson’s Holiday Gift Picks

I love giving gifts. I always get a great feeling when I find that perfect gift for someone. I look for gifts that are a little more unique and harder to find. I think that makes the gift special. I often find gifts when traveling and tend to look for gifts year round that I can stash away for the perfect occasion. Here are a few of my favorite gift items.



Apothia IF Roll-on Pure Oil

I like scents that are subtle and feminine. This is my personal favorite. I love that it is a roll-on oil and sized to travel with.

It was created by Ron Robinson of Fred Segal’s in Los Angeles and is available online or at the Fred Segal Melrose store. There are very few stores that carry the Apothia line. I think it is a part of the allure.



Korres Jasmine Body Butter

This is my favorite body lotion. It has a nice light scent and you can often find it offered at 20% off at the skin store. Code FAB20

It has a high concentration of natural ingredients, which I love about it. It is hard to find this line in stores except at Sephora but they are always out of stock of this version.



AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

I discovered it when I got it as a gift. It is originally from Korea. I was so excited when I found it at Sephora. The women in Korea are known for their amazing skin. Cosmetic products from Korea are often top of the line. I love that it starts in a powder form that lathers when you add water. It makes your skin very soft. I’ve given it many times as a gift and it is always a big hit.



Jonathan Beauty Water Purification System

I tried this on the recommendation from the sales associate at Sephora. I have to admit I was a little skeptical, but the woman raved about it. It takes about a week or so to notice the difference. The filtering system removes much of the product residue that weighs down your hair. I noticed my hair was softer and lighter. I have replaced all our showerheads with it. I found that my husband and I were fighting over which shower we were going to use until I replaced both showerheads. I have to say that there are only two things I wish were different about it. I wish it were more attractive and had a extended arm to make it more kid-friendly but it is still a great find.



nike air max

Nike Air Max + 2 Running Shoe (Women)

This is my favorite tennis shoe. It comes in a bunch of colors.  I love the sleek design and it is great for working out. It comes with a steep price tag, but it is the best tennis shoe I’ve ever had. 



The Beginning (Deluxe Edition), the Black Eyed Peas

I am a big Black Eyed Peas Fan. Great music to work out to.


Great Food Gifts:

Big Island Cookies

Big Island Candies Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookies

They have the best chocolate-dipped shortbread around. I prefer the chocolate dipped original or the original Dipped Assortment. I often give them as gifts. Without fail, every time I give them out, someone asks me where to buy them. They are always a big hit. The best way to order them is online or via phone. You almost never see them in stores, even in Hawaii. If you order one of their gift-wrapped items, it is always beautifully wrapped. Big Island Candies does a great job with their gift baskets too. I have to admit I cringe when I see other companies’ gift baskets, but theirs are always tastefully done.




Garrett’s Popcorn

Their Chicago Mix is the best popcorn I’ve ever had. It is caramel and cheese mixed together. It is the best mix of salty and sweet. It is expensive for popcorn and it doesn’t have the added preservatives so it doesn’t last very long outside of a tin. But it is the best around and I stop there every time I am in Chicago. They are running a special $4.95 shipping promo if you order before December 17th online. Promo code: SHIP2010DM.  If you have the good fortune of flying in or out of Chicago, there is a kiosk in one of the United terminals. I am one of their regulars:)


sprinkles cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes

There are a lot of really good cupcakes out there, but this is the best one around. Banana and strawberry are my favorites. They recently created a koi version for us. My recommendation is to stop there in the morning or order in advance. There is often a 20-minute wait in the afternoon. The cupcakes don’t ship well and they are best eaten the same day. They are perfect to bring over to someone’s house in place of wine or for birthdays in lieu of cake.



Michele Chiarlo Moscato D’asti Nivole

This is one of my favorite dessert wines. It sweet and a little bubbly. It is a little hard to find so I often buy it online.


Inexpensive decorative containers or bags often make great packaging for gifts and are re-useable.  I look for unique boxes, containers, or bags. I find that it saves paper, time, and is often a much nicer than wrapping. I usually just add a ribbon, flower, ornament, or cute charm. 

Happy Shopping!!!