Congratulations to Angela Duckworth, a koi shining star!

We recently asked our customers to nominate their colleagues and co-workers who go beyond the call of duty, who are true shining stars. In the weeks ahead, we will be profiling some of the shining stars you nominated. Congratulations to Angela Duckworth, who was nominated by her colleague Susan Smith of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Here is what Susan said about Angela:

My name is Susan Smith. I am a Physical Therapist at McCarthy Teszler School, a school for “special needs” children of all ages. I would like to nominate Angela Duckworth for the “Shining Star.” She has 10 students between the ages of 3–5. All the children in her class are in wheelchairs. Her daily routine consists of changing diapers, feeding, sometimes tube feeding breakfast and lunch, treating children who need breathing machines, and positioning all the children in their adaptive equipment, such as standers, walkers and alternative seating that has been requested by the PT Department. In the time left, she is required to work with each child on their Individualized Lesson Plans, which consists of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic and get them to their related art classes! Amazingly she and her assistants have time to show all the children the love that each child deserves. This year she started wearing scrubs. She frequently finds herself, on any given day, changing clothes 3x daily. She does this without complaining! She always has a positive and kind spirit that shows through every day! Please consider her for the “shining star.”

We agree that Angela is amazing and is truly a shining star! In recognition of her awesomeness, we will be sending Angela a koi outfit and Susan will receive a pair of koi pants for nominating her.

Shining star angela duckworth

Congratulations to Angela Duckworth, a true shining star!