Congratulations to Cathy Brown, a koi shining star!

Congrats to our latest shining star winner, Cathy Brown, who was nominated by Penne Ball of Lincolnton, GA. Here is what Penne wrote:

“My husband died about three years ago. I had stopped working during his final illness and did not go back to work immediately because I was emotionally unable and because running a busy household with kids, cats and a dog, and getting them through the initially intensely stressful period after their dad’s death took priority over finding a job. Finding a job and getting back into the workplace was a major life event for me. As a psychiatric nurse, I had worked in some really awful situations; and, frankly, the third party payers were not covering a lot of psych care, making the market tight. I applied to a company called Southern Health Partners, and a miracle happened. I joined a dedicated, loving work family who all came to work and “did the right thing” every day… The really weird thing is that we work in the Aiken County Jail, providing down-home health care to down-home folk… from strokes to pregnancy, from acute psychosis to drug seeking, to emotional seventeen year olds to eighty-somethings who don’t belong in the facility, but somehow are there.

If I could, I would nominate everyone of my co-workers… but the person who makes it all work, who sets a perfect example of coping, caring and doing, is our boss, Cathy Brown. Cathy treats everyone like family, giving straight talk or sympathy, as needed. Her clinical skills far exceed her credentials… and her ability to treat even the worst cases like the humans they are will be a jewel in her crown in heaven.”

Thanks, Cathy, for going beyond the call of duty and being a true shining star to everyone around you. In recognition of her awesomeness, we will be sending Cathy a koi outfit and Penne will receive a pair of koi pants for nominating her.

Shining star Cathy Brown

Above: Cathy Brown (middle in blue), our latest shining star, shown with some of her adoring co-workers.