Congratulations to Ethan Robins, our latest koi shining star!

We’re thrilled to honor CNA Ethan Robins as our newest koi shining star! Ethan was recommended by his colleague Ruth Droullard of Lynden, Washington.

Here is what Ruth had to say about Ethan:

“Ethan Robins shines in his work at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham. He is a CNA with high hopes of attending UW’s P.A. program next year. He is dedicated and warm, compassionate and full of joy. He works quickly and efficiently—helping hardened, recovering drug addicts and assisting tiny, sickly old women with the same cheerful, joyful smile.

His eyes twinkle when he greets his patients. He works hard to, as he puts it, “fill their waning ‘joy buckets’ with a sparkle of joy in the midst of their sickness.” It is his goal to be the same as a PA as he is as a CNA—full of life, strong, able to impart encouragement and peace, tender and understanding—with all his patients and their families.

As a float CNA, he moves around the hospital a good bit and finds himself in varying situations. Friday night, he worked tirelessly in ER with a trauma patient—running the quick errands that needed to be run for two ER doctors and a PA. He returned with the equipment they asked for with a quick smile and a strong, “What else can I do for you?” with ever return for over 3 hours. Monday night found Ethan in the Rehab Unit sitting with a 60 year old man who had fallen off a ladder and sustained a head injury. He listened to the man’s rambling; answered his repetitive questions; guided him back to bed; and helped him fall asleep finally by singing to him after the patient’s 6 hours of wakeful, irritated restlessness. His comment at the end of his shift? “I’m so glad I could help him quiet himself and fall asleep.”

It is a joy to work with Ethan. I’m 25 years older than he is and have been in healthcare longer… but I often think, “I sure would like to be like him when I grow up!”

Congratulations, Ethan, for going beyond the call of duty and being a true shining star. In recognition of his all-around awesomeness, we will be sending Ethan a free koi outfit and Ruth will receive a pair of koi pants for nominating him.

Shining star ethan robins

Congratulations to Ethan Robins, our latest koi shining star!