Congratulations to Chau Dang, our newest koi shining star!

We’re thrilled to honor Chau Dang as our latest koi shining star. Chau was recommended by her Clinic Director, Jeannie Seals of the Button Family Practice in Canon City, Colorado.

Here is what Jeannie had to say about Chau:

“I am a director for a rural health clinic in Canon City, Colorado. I have a young lady who has worked for us for almost two years and she is my hero. She is my right hand employee and is one of the most thoughtful and considerate persons I think I have ever worked with in my 30+ years in healthcare. Her mood is the same, day in, day out—always kind and always there to help when someone needs a hand, regardless of her work load. There is not a week goes by that she does not buy me daisies (my favorite flowers). She goes out of her way to be a servant to the staff and to our patients. She is our billing coordinator and she works so well helping our patients understand their statements and billing concerns.

There is not a day goes by that she does not bring a smile to my face; even on my roughest days, she seems to be able to get me back focused and help me not get caught up with the caught-up-ness of my stressful days that come with being the clinic director.

Her name is Chau Dang.”

Congratulations, Chau, for being a true shining star! In recognition of her all-around awesomeness, we sent Chau a free koi outfit and Jeannie received a pair of koi pants for nominating her.

Shining Star Chau Dang

Congrats to Chau Dang, our most recent koi shining star!