First Kai to find his way home!

Were we ever thrilled to hear from Pokman Cheng, who found the first missing Kai!  Kai had been on an Asian adventure and managed to get himself lost in Taiwan, Tokyo and Korea.  While traveling himself, our new friend Pokman came across Kai by a shopping center in Seoul, Korea.  Here is where Kai was hanging out waiting to be found.

Luckily for him, Pokman of San Jose, California happened to notice him.  Pokman was at the tail end of a 3-month excursion through Asia. He scooped up Kai and carried him along on the rest of his journey, sending us pictures along the way.  Kai had picked up a few tricks on his travels. We were very surprised and impressed to learn that he has a blowhole and had learned to spray like a tiny whale!

Pokman then took Kai on the Star Ferry to Hong Kong, and sent us this fantastic picture. Kai seems very happy with his new best friend!


When the 2 world travelers had arrived back in the US, Pokman contacted us to arrange Kai’s travel back home to us at koi. We didn’t feel right separating them after all the amazing adventures they’d shared, so we decided to let Kai remain with Pokman.  We sent him his reward for finding Kai and taking such good care of him, and he in turn promised to take Kai along on more global journeys in the future.

There are many more Kais at large in the world.  Stay tuned, we’ll be posting updates on their various locations here and on koi’s Facebook page.  You never know, Kai could be nearby just waiting for you to pick him up and help him home!