Kai in Kenya!

Kai was on an excursion in Kenya when we lost contact with him.  Looks like he’s missing again, and we would very much love for someone to find him and send him home.  Can any of our koi fans in Kenya help?  Here are some places he was last seen.

First he headed to the beach in Mombasa.

Here he is looking out over the Indian Ocean, probably reminiscing about his youth before he became a high flying global ambassador for koi.

No trip to Africa would be complete without an encounter with an elephant!

At a beautiful garden hanging by a koi pond, no doubt trying to scope out some cute African females. A Kai can dream, right?

Trying to get a better look from a higher vantage point.

This is where we lost touch.  He was last seen at Nairobi International Airport, and we believe he is hanging out there waiting to be found.  This is his last location, directly outside the airport entrance.  If any koi fans are in the vicinity, please keep an eye out for him!  There is a cash reward for his safe return 🙂