Aloha Kai!

Kathy is visiting her hometown of Oahu, Hawaii, to spend time with family and get some much-needed rest and relaxation.  She flew out on her short break late last week, with Kai in hot pursuit.  He’s never been one to miss out on some quality island time!  And of course, we lost him.  Luckily, we have LOTS of wonderful koi friends based in Hawaii, and we just know you’ll help him find his way home!

Kathy is extremely proud of her homeland and heritage, and is an amazing unofficial tour guide.  She always has plenty of fabulous recommendations for the best places to see, eat and shop!  If you ever want to know where to get the tastiest garlic shrimp or most delicious dried fruit, she’ll always steer you in the right direction.

Their first stop was at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel to relax by the waterfall and koi pond.  There are a lot of koi ponds around Hawaii.  From an early age, Kathy has always loved feeding the koi and watching them swim.  Her many fond memories of koi fish are part of the inspiration behind our company name.

Then they went to see Diamond Head, a beloved landmark and iconic defining feature of the Waikiki cityscape.

They continued on to Kailua Beach, which is where Kai got lost.  He was last seen sitting on the branch of a tree on the beach, and we believe he is still there waiting to be found.

If any of our dear koi friends in Hawaii come across him, please let us know.  We miss him and hope he’s okay.  There is a $250 cash reward for his safe return!