koi and Build a Better Benin

When I walked into the office today, I hadn’t anticipated that I would be in tears within minutes.  Luckily for me, they were happy tears – the result of a small and unassuming package sitting on my desk.  I opened it to reveal a beautifully framed picture and note from a woman who is very dear to us at koi, Sarah Chapman RN of Build a Better Benin.

Sarah is an Orange County RN who packed up her life and moved to the West African bush to build a school, clinic and orphanage in Benin. It’s hard to express in words just how amazing Sarah is.  She has given up creature comforts like running water and internet to help a community that would otherwise have no access to healthcare or education. And she’s doing it by herself.

To learn more about Build a Better Benin and follow Sarah’s incredible journey, please check out her website www.buildabetterbenin.org

Sarah took off for Benin in July, and the clinic and orphanage are already coming along in leaps and bounds!  It’s truly humbling how one person can make such a difference. She is no less than an angel, and truly a koi shining star.

When we were first introduced to Sarah, we had never heard of Build a Better Benin (and shamefully, we didn’t know much about Benin either).  Once we learned more about her quest we were eager to help her in any way we could! Sarah mentioned that her team in Benin could really use some scrubs, and we were more than happy to oblige.  When we heard that they didn’t have access to running water and couldn’t do laundry more often than once a week, we thought we should probably give each team member a brand new wardrobe.

Today I received this wonderful photograph of Sarah and her team in Benin, all decked out in their koi and Ecko scrubs.  Have you ever seen a more awesome picture? Seeing their happy faces and reading Sarah’s heartfelt note brought tears to my eyes!  We’re completely blown away by everything they are doing and are so honored to be able to help.



Both the picture and note now have pride of place in our koi Hall of Fame, where we display all the things that bring us koihappiness and inspiration each and every day.



To read more about Sarah and Build a Better Benin, including how you can help, please visit www.buildabetterbenin.org