Kai in Jaipur, India!

This week, our beloved mascot Kai traveled to Jaipur in India for a little design inspiration.  The Amber Palace was the attraction he was most excited about seeing.  With its intricate architectural features, this vast and opulent monument is very impressive, even for worldly Kai!  The Palace is well known for its distinct artistic style and unique ambiance. Its ancient structures are connected by a series of passages and entryways, making it all too easy for a little fish to get himself lost.

Above: Doorway inlaid with mirrors

Above: The soaring intricately decorated palace ceiling

Kai was last spotted scurrying down a cobbled path and around a corner, before settling in this little nook.  We haven’t heard from him since.  If you come across him, please wish him “Namaste!”, and let him know that we miss him very much.