Follow that fish!

Kai took a little trip to Hawaii this week.  He adores Oahu and has been there many times.  He knows his way around so well that we could barely keep up with him!

Here he is posing on his balcony with a view of the beautiful coastline.  He had just come back from the beach and was a little sandy!

Feeling hungry, he stopped off for some lunch at one of his favorite places to eat.

Then grabbed some refreshing and delicious shave ice. He can never pick a favorite flavor, they’re all just too good!

After that it was time to soak in the breathtaking views of Maapuku.

We were rather exhausted by this point after chasing him around all day, and weren’t paying attention to what he was up to.  While we were relaxing and enjoying the view he ducked behind a rock and we weren’t able to find him again.

This is where he was last seen.

Can any of our koi friends in Hawaii help him find his way back home?  We fear he’ll never tire of that gorgeous view and decide to stay there forever!  There is a reward for his safe return, please let us know if you come across him.  We miss him very much.