Kai in London!

London is one of the most amazing places to visit around Christmastime.  The whole city is adorned with lights and Christmas decorations, and many stores have spectacular holiday displays.  Kai bundled up against the cold to venture out for some holiday shopping and to take in the festive sights of London!

Kai heading to Marylebone station to catch the tube, London style.

Here is Harrods all lit up for the holiday.

Kai’s favorite store, Liberty of London!

Decorations adorn every major high street in London, here is the spectacular display along Regent Street.

The following morning Kai headed back to the station, hopped on a train and was never heard from again!

We can only imagine he’s still in London waiting for someone to scoop him up and help him home.  Or maybe he just decided to spend Christmas there, singing carols and eating mince pies.  Here is his last location, hanging out at the information kiosk at Marylebone station.  If you spot him, will you point him towards the right way home?