Kai and Steamboat

Kai has really gotten himself into a pickle this time.  He took off in Laramie, WY, while on a visit to the University of Wyoming campus there.  With a temperature of -6 and a wind chill of -26, poor Kai will be freezing his fins off!

The famous horse and rider statue, “Fanning a Twister,” greets fans outside the Area Auditorium. Steamboat the horse has long been an iconic symbol for the state of Wyoming.  He was born in 1901 on a ranch between Laramie and Bosler, and is known in Wyoming’s history as one of the greatest bucking horses ever. Steamboat became a symbol for the University of Wyoming through their athletics, and even appears on the University’s logo.

It looks like Kai decided to take some shelter from the cold by nestling in Steamboat’s mouth.  If any of our koi friends in Laramie spot him, please take him in out of the cold and let him warm up by your fire.  And if it’s not too much trouble, perhaps you could help him find his way back to us in sunny California. There is a reward for his safe return!