Kai in Key West!

Kai is on a little vacation in the beautiful Florida Keys, getting the winter chill out of his bones. He had a great time visiting Key West, and liked it so much he decided to stick around for a while sipping rum punch and noshing on their world famous Key Lime Pie.

Time for cocktail hour!

It’s probably best if we don’t tell Kai where sushi comes from.

Getting to know some of the friendly locals…

…on a first name basis!

Kai LOVES Key Lime Pie, he just can’t get enough!  The iconic Kermit’s Key Lime Pie Shoppe is a must on any visit to Key West, they have the absolute best pie in town. It was very hard to convince Kai to leave, he wanted to spend the rest of the day hanging out there hoping to snag some free samples.

This is Kai’s last known location, gazing into the windows and licking his lips in anticipation of all the sweet treats he planned to consume.  If you happen to be in the Keys and spot him lurking around the store, kindly ask if he’s had his fill and is ready to come home. If you can convince him to leave and you help him find his way back to us, there is a $250 reward for his safe return. Good luck trying to drag him away!