Kai is looking for love!

Poor Kai. He’s been jet-setting all over the globe and making tons of friends, but still hasn’t met that special someone who sets his fins a-flutter. He’d love nothing more than to have a sweet fish friend to accompany him on his travels.  After all, what’s a fabulous life of worldly adventures without someone special to share it with?

Gazing out over the Seine River. Isn’t Paris supposed to be the most romantic city on earth?

Could Kai’s true love be in Hawaii?

He didn’t find her on the shores of Mombasa, Kenya…

…or along the coast of Mumbai.

He looked for her at home in California…

…and by the Bosphorus in Turkey.

And so here Kai remains, staring out into the great ocean and wondering when his love will come along.  We all say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, there has to be one out there for Kai!