Kai in Florence, Italy!

Kai has really been on a roll lately.  He managed to get himself lost twice in Florence!  He’s never done that in one city before. His sense of direction must be getting worse with age.  Don’t tell him we told you, but he’s older than he looks.

Kai got lost outside the Duomo, one of Italy’s largest churches and the main cathedral of Florence.  It is a stunning building.  The exterior is faced with marble panels in different shades of pink and green with white borders.  It’s breathtaking!

Kai moved closer to get a better look, and next thing we knew, he was gone!

He got lost again in the Republic Plaza outside a department store.  There he was, perched on top of a phone booth, and then he just disappeared.

This is where he was last seen.  He was carried off by a passerby and is well on his way to a new adventure.  We feel a bit badly for whomever picked him up. They probably don’t know how much gelato Kai plans on making them buy for him.  We’d be happy to reimburse them for Kai’s treats if they’ll show him the right way home!