Kai takes Manhattan

This week, Kai took a quick trip to the Big Apple to take in some sights and do some shopping.  He takes his retail therapy quite seriously, sometimes a little beyond what most would consider therapeutic!

He was very interested in checking out Highline Park, an old railway that has been recycled into an urban garden elevated above street level.  Many of the plants were nurtured from the wild overgrowth that colonized the abandoned railway in the many years before it was repurposed. Kai thought it was such a cool and unique way to add greenery to Manhattan’s cityscape!

Kai decided to stay a while and enjoy the park.  We haven’t heard from him since.

He was last spotted hanging from a branch looking relaxed and quite pleased with himself.

He was very close to this intersection.  Have any of our NY koi friends come across him?  We would be so thankful if you would send him our way!