Kai in Hong Kong and China!

Kai’s latest global adventure has taken him to Hong Kong, where he spent his time shopping and sight-seeing.  He is so impressed by the bustling culture and soaring skyline!  Buildings over a hundred storeys tall can make a little fish feel awfully tiny.

After enjoying a few days in Hong Kong, Kai’s wanderlust took over and he decided to go exploring!  Here he is at a crossroads trying to decide where to go first.

Being the intrepid traveler he is, Kai ended up on a train heading into mainland China.

We’re not sure if he made it across the border, as we lost him somewhere along the way.  He was last seen heading off in the direction of the dining car.

If you happen to be traveling this route, please look out for Kai.  He is most likely to be found anywhere snacks are sold.  If you come across him, please let us know. There is a reward for his safe return!