Kai the wedding crasher

Kai loves weddings. During the ceremony he sits there dabbing his eyes and getting all wistful about true love, and he’s always the first on the dance floor at the reception.  And the cake!  Don’t even get us started on the cake.

He loves weddings so much, that he sometimes shows up at ones he wasn’t actually invited to.  Which is what happened on a recent trip to Tulsa, OK.

Kai spotted the wedding venue.

Headed straight for the cake.

He even posed with the bridal party!

And then he spotted the party favors.  This never ends well.

Kai got way too excited about the favors and dove headfirst into an enormous jar of candy.  It was at this point that we decided to just leave him to it!

Hopefully a kind wedding guest will find him in a sugar haze somewhere and help him find his way back. There is a reward for his safe return!