Kai the wedding crasher in Gothenburg!

Kai is having the time of his life in Sweden.  After his ABBA-fest, he went on a great adventure in Gothenburg, taking in the sights and making friends with the locals.

Here he is posing outside the Hotel Eggers, where he had heard some friends of friends were getting married.

Yes, you guessed it…Kai crashed another wedding!  Luckily the bride and groom were good sports and took quite a shine to him.  Here he is getting cozy with the happy couple.  Kai, in case no one’s told you yet, three’s a crowd!

Later on he went to visit his old friend Poseidon.  Kai says they know each other quite well from back in the ocean days.

Kai decided to hang out there for a while reminiscing about the good old days.  We believe he is still there.  If any of our koi friends in Gothenburg spot him, please help him find his way back home to us.  There is a reward for his safe return.