Aloha, Kai!

Kai is back in his all time favorite vacation spot, Hawaii.  This time he was eager to visit Hanauma Bay, a gorgeous stretch of coastline formed within a volcanic cone.

Kai is a fish who has his priorities straight. His first order of business was to tuck into a huge pile of his favorite garlic shrimp from the Famous Kahuku Shrimp truck.

Belly full, it was time to hit the beach! Kai firmly believes there’s nothing like an ocean breeze to blow all one’s cares away.

This is where we last saw Kai, hanging out by this beautiful waterfall.

If you happen to be near Hanauma Bay, please keep an eye out for him.  If you don’t spot him immediately, just follow your nose…there was a lot of garlic on that shrimp!  There is a $250 reward for his safe return.