Kai’s Epic Adventure!

We all know that Kai’s wanderlust often gets the better of him, but his latest bright idea really takes the cake.  He has been willingly kidnapped by a masked rider and is off on a cross country trip on a motorcycle!  Can you believe it?

Here he is with his new friend, preparing to speed off into the horizon.

Kai’s adventure begins in Utah, and they will be heading all the way across the US and all the way back. We will be posting updates on his journey here, along with pictures of him in various locations all over the country. Please be on the lookout for Kai in your area, there are cash prizes for anyone who comes across him along the way!

Is this safe? We think not, but Kai doesn’t seem to mind!

Kai is a great co-pilot, although not the best navigator!

Kai gettin’ his kicks, on…

Where will he go next? Stay tuned for more details!