Nurse Nicole and Kai in China!

Nurse Nicole recently returned from a wonderful trip to China!

“My younger brother lives in Beijing, where he works as a translator for a major news outlet. Kai tagged along on our trip as he is quite the jet setter and we knew he’d be able to show us the sights!



Kai Great Wall

We started our adventure in Beijing where Kai traveled to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Old City. Next, we hopped the bullet train and arrived in Shanghai where we spent some time in the big city on the “Bund” as well as visiting the traditional water villages of Tong Li and Suzhou.

Nicole HK

Kai in Water Village

Old City Koi Pond with Kai

For the last leg of our trip my husband and I flew to Hong Kong to spend some quality time together. In Hong Kong we ate incredible food, shopped till we dropped, visited the art museum, enjoyed the incredible skyline and architecture, and spent time enjoying the views of the harbor. We even got to visit Macau as it’s just a short ferry ride away – did you know that it’s like a “mini Las Vegas” with Portuguese influence mixed with Chinese?

We truly had a blast on our trip between exploring the incredible sights, eating delicious duck and dumplings, meeting wonderful people and seeing different ways of life, and immersing ourselves in both new avant-garde, and culture that is thousands of years old.



Nurse Nicole”