Kai takes a hike in Utah!

koi friend Brandie recently let Kai tag along on one her epic hikes in the gorgeous mountains of Utah. They had lots of fun and Kai liked it so much he convinced Brandie to let him stay! Here’s a snippet from Brandie about their fun day out:

Mt. Timpanogos is the second-highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains and the mountain around which the Sundance Ski Resort (of Robert Redford fame) is designed. It is a steep hike along the Timpanooeke Trail (15 miles total, though Kai only had to do 7.5), but is generally considered the most beautiful in all of Utah. Waterfalls, snow fields, green meadows and a riot of wildflowers.

I’m attaching some pics for you!

Kai stayed behind at the Summit House at the top of the mountain (elevation 11,752 f). He was excellent company on the trail, but his best quality as a hiking companion is his light weight!

Brandie xoxo

Huge thanks to Brandie for taking Kai on such an adventure and for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.