Kai in Nicaragua!

Kai is having a whale of a time in Central America. He just adores the culture, the people, the food…and did we mention the coffee?

The day started off with a nice relaxing morning lounging by the pool. We would have been quite happy to stay there all day, but Kai had other ideas.


Not having learned his lesson in Costa Rica, Kai insisted on dragging us to the famous Cafe Las Flores to sample some of their finest. And sample he did! Rather a lot. A bit too much, in fact.


Kai skipped off and our planned day of relaxation went out the window. We stopped off at the Granada Cathedral to admire the beautiful architecture and to pray for Kai to calm down soon.


Kai wouldn’t let us linger, there was an active volcano he wanted to check out!


The Masaya Volcano is a spectacular sight, especially for a little fish who had never been near a volcano before.


He was so enthralled and didn’t want to leave, so we let him stay. Perhaps it was a little selfish of us, but we really wanted to get back to the pool. If you come across him, please try and drag him away from there. We’d love to see him again soon.