What are the best scrubs brands, and where do you find them?

What are the best scrubs brands, and where do you find them?

Today’s scrub buyer is faced with a multitude of options with brands all touting the latest, greatest, most technologically advanced scrubs. So how do you choose which ones to buy? Whether you’ve just entered the medical world or are looking to freshen up your scrubs collection, we’ve got the answers.

Cherokee Uniforms (cherokeeuniforms.com)

Cherokee Uniforms is one of the largest scrubs manufacturers out there. They produce many collections for any type of need, such as their performance-inspired collection (Luxe Sport) or their solids collection with stretchy fabric (Core Stretch). Cherokee is also the parent company to brands like Careisma and Dickies.

Barco Uniforms (barcouniforms.com)

Barco is best known for their popular Grey’s Anatomy™ collection. This collection, named after the TV show, targets people looking for classic silhouettes with all-day performance and comfort.

WonderWink (wonderwinkscrubs.com)

WonderWink is easily recognized by it’s bright Yellow branding. WonderWink has a youthful appeal and targets the budget-conscious shopper.

Healing Hands (www.healinghandsscrubs.com)

Healing Hands was founded by a former athletic apparel company. They offer on-trend styles, engineered for high performance and durability.

Figs (wearfigs.com)

Figs is a newer brand that launched directly to consumers a few years ago. They make “ridiculously soft” scrubs in minimalist styles. Figs scrubs only come in solid colors and they may offer very limited styles, but for every pair of scrubs sold they give a set to a healthcare provider in need. Their products can only be purchased online.

koi Scrubs (koihappiness.com)

koi is best known for introducing the Lindsey Pant in 2006, which was the first well-fitting, fashionable scrub pant on the market. Since then, koi continues to redefine how men and women wear scrubs with custom-made fabrics, on-trend styles, and eye-catching prints. With more than 8 collections for every need, koi offers athletic-inspired, high-performance scrubs with koi Lite, luxury scrubs like the koi Tech collection, the new ultra-feminine collection Mariposa by koi, and more! koi believes you should never sacrifice style for comfort, and engineers all of their garments to last. koi is one of the only brands that sells direct on their website and in over 1,000 stores internationally.

In the end, we’re so confident you will love our products that we don’t mind giving a plug to some of the other available brands. After all, the best scrubs brand is not necessarily the most popular, the least expensive, or even the most expensive. It’s the one that offers you comfort, confidence, and functionality to make you happiest during your long hours on the job. Pick the scrub set that will let you focus on what you’re doing, not what you’re wearing.