Kai in Cologne!

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum…Once again Kai is eating his way through Europe! This time we find him in Cologne, stuffed to the gills with delicious desserts and dunking in glorious olive oil.  Or rather, trying to dunk if only he could get the bottles open!  He’s still there, hoping someone will come along and help.  Here is his last known location – if you happen to be nearby, come on over and and lend a hand!




Follow that fish!

Oh no…it looks like Kai is about to board a train in Gothenberg, Sweden and head off on yet another adventure. Where on earth is he going? Your guess is as good as ours! If you see him at Central Station, please let us know. We’d love to find him and bring him home!



Kai in Verona

While traveling through Italy, Kai stopped in Verona to visit Castelvecchio and the museum there. As he was taking a stroll and (as usual) wondering where he should eat next, he came upon this beautiful string of locks.  That’s where you can find him. If you’re kind enough to help him home, he might even buy you dinner!


Kai visits Japan

Kai LOVES Japan!  It’s one of his very favorite places to go…and luckily for him, he gets to visit often.  Kai adores trendy Shibuya, but unfortunately had some difficulty making new friends. Everyone he approached to seemed to be too engrossed in their phones to pay much attention to poor Kai.  Will you find him and be his new friend?



Kai lost in Guangzhou, China!

Kai visited Guangzhou and found himself in dim sum heaven!  He ate so many dumplings that he could barely swim back to the hotel!  He stopped to admire this fabulous lion sculpture and nestled into his comfy looking mouth to take a little nap. Kai is still there, snoring away in a blissful carb coma!  Don’t be alarmed by his appearance, he usually sleeps with his eyes open. Can you help him find his way back to us?