Pay Happiness Forward

Congratulations Cindy Beal on winning koi’s Pay Happiness Forward contest!

About the winner:

Cindy Beal has been a nurse since 2009. She went back to school in her 40s to show her daughters the importance of having an education, and in the process she discovered herself and her calling. She started out in Colorado, working with the elderly and then became a school nurse for an outdoor educational school.

Cindy Beal is now a Registered Nurse in the tiny town of Forks, WA. At the small community hospital where she works, her patients range from newborns to the elderly. When she works in the long-term care unit, she brings her service dog Pearl who spends her days bringing smiles to the patients. Cindy considers herself blessed to be able to do what she does every day with a great team; “they help make what I do exciting, rewarding, and fun!”

When she isn’t working, Cindy enjoys the great outdoors. She and Pearl go hiking and exploring new trails whenever they can. She loves hunting, fishing, and riding horses. She also loves running, gardening, dancing, swimming, scuba diving, cooking, and wine.

Cindy was nominated by her boyfriend James; here are some of the reasons he wanted to Pay Happiness Forward:

“She loves going to work and has a love and passion for helping people, be it her patients, co-workers, or friends. Every day she goes up and above the call of duty to make sure whatever she can do to help the people she interacts with is done…

She works 40 plus hours a week filling in any time a co-worker needs a day off or has an emergency. She is also training in the OB ward and is on call 24/7 to help new babies come in this world happy and healthy; this means late night calls and many extra hours at the hospital. She does it all with a smile on her face, a friendly shoulder to lean on, and a kind heart that her co-workers and patients have all come to love…

Her work doesn’t end when she leaves the hospital either. She is consistently studying to make sure she can provide the best level of care for her patients… She has even trained a wonderful dog, Pearl, for service work. During her time [working] in long term care, she brought Pearl on the floor with her to the joy of all the patients and workers alike.”

We received so many heartfelt nominations, and are so thankful for the hard-working healthcare superheroes that go above and beyond for their patients, coworkers, and loved ones.